Sunday, November 20, 2005

Your skin is cold but the sun shines within your hold

MTV's next is so amazing... like I watched about 10 episodes or more last night... and all of them ruled! one featured Matthew Fashion.... hahahaha


also I can't wait to see Walk the Line... I don't really give two shits about Johnny Cash... but I like both stars and it looks like a good movie!

I am going to ask for a boyfriend for Christmas...
some rules.... hotter than me... straighter than me... no smokers(unless really hot)

ok go!

some examples :

no too hard right?

in other news I have this idea... I sorta want to become famous...not in a full on Madonna way... but on a level of Pink is the New Blog or a myspace celeb.... just famous enough to get free shit and be awesomer.... and I was thinking... maybe if I dressed up as a drag queen... and made an alter ego... sorta like jefrreee star... but with more class and more sass... my name will be Misty Beaver... and I am writing songs... anyone can make me hot beats... and I'll be glad to have help recording and uploading them!....

some sample lyrics :

Your boyfriend calls me Hester Prynne when I hit it from behind. I'll be blowing my load as I'm blowing his just take a ticket bitch ! and get your ass in line, cuz this mouth is like Disney you don't get this shit for free... gimme 50 dollars donald fuck I'll make you feel like Goofy...

also i want to work in " forget about Bambi, I'm trying to thumper!"

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