Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lost recaper

soooo last nights ep of Lost was pretty good.... ok the end was tight... but let's get to it


taste my pain bitch!

anyone else sick of Michael going off the deep end? I sorta almost hate his character... ok cool...

I don't want your life!

ok so then Jack got all , don't you dare come out here love of my life Katey boo! so she said she'd stay...

Brokeback the sequel?

the fellas take a breakie looking for Freak out nasty Michael

flashback to Temptation Island..!

meanwhile back in the flashback ranch of jack's life.... he thought he could save some dude/fix him... well dude died... but Jack still got his daughter to suck face! ....

but last time we had sex you never called again!

then there was zeke(I think that was his name) .. and he is one of the guys that took walt... and he is all ... cross this line and bitch gets it....!

you punished me for telling you my fantasy!

told you... the others had KAte and so Jack and the boys had to turn the beat around and head home without Michael or Walt disnaaaaaaay...

I wish this bag was a jansport!

so then Jack was like... sorry Kate but apology not so accepted... and she was sad.. and he liked pushed her away.... why is he being so hard ass?

I was thinking more around the lines of no fucking way!

so Jack came clean(let the rain fall down) and wifey was all " oh by the way... I'm leaving you and seeing someone else.... p.s. you always need to fix something"..... so that is why he's a hard ass.. ok cool

I wish I knew how to quit you!

so then Jack cried like a golden globe depended on it! (maybe next year sweet buns)

if it helps I'm a raging alcoholic!

so then the leaders bonded under the umbrella tree!

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the end!

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