Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Some 2006 Predictions....

Gwen Stefani gives birth to cutest baby ever.. and makes pregnant couture the new trend....

meanwhile Angelina and Braddy daddy have lots of sex and a cute ass baby too ..not as cute as maddox though or gwens child

other predictions :

-Hilary and Joel engaged!
- Tom and Katie deliver the anti christ
- Shakira makes a video with her stomache hanging out
- Britney's new album, actually amazing!
- K-feds.... not so amazing
- Ashlee Simpson slips up about that time her dad slipped her tongue
- Michelle and Kelly release flops....
- Jake G. gets sexier and comes out
- Jennifer Tranniston gets more attention for doing nothing and looking like the corn in Angelina's diarrhea

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Tess said...

Gwen Stefani: agreed!