Sunday, January 22, 2006

ugly still not the new pretty

case in (match) point!

from here on out you will be called..... SLUT !


Tess said...

Alright, I admit...she looks like crap in these pictures. But these are exceptions, not the rule. And they're way less slutty pics than some of the girls you adore, I think. The war is on!

Noel said...

I guess slut isn't the right word... I think my biggest peeve with her is that she is a closet skank... like there some pics I see that I love... and then I think oh nooooo... she almost gets me... but it's like people you meet at parties that you can't figure it out but you know you don't like them... but you have no reason not to... it's just this vibe I get ... and the vibe is straight from her chest