Saturday, December 02, 2006

I'm feeling Yummy head to toe

The new Gwen album has leaked..

and I am really glad to say that it is amazing... a brilliant display of sugar coated ear candy..

a track by track guide...

Wind it up - Definitely something different... and exciting...I love the Sound of Music touch despite haters... it's perfectly balanced by the Neptunes beat...and you know I love a song that demands me to do any type of when Gwen says to wind it up who am I to argue...that said.. I can totally see how other would hate this...and in a couple years they will randomly hear it and love it...

The Sweet Escape - I loved this song on first listen... it's easy, breezy and's sunny and simple and makes you happy ..sorta like the effect Cherish by Madonna just works for me

Orange County Girl a shout out to her roots and the passion for music... features the lyrics These are a few of my favorite things. still rolling cause the sound of music and nothings better than a great big huge hit. another Sound of Music reference that highlights Gwens honesty and charm in one swoop...the delivery is on

Early Winter - lyrically my favorite on the album...Gwens voice sounds stronger than ever and musically the song is great..

now that you got it I like the way she sounds on the chorus... but Swizz Beats needs to stop with the siren... it's starting to sound too much like his other shit...

4 in the morning on first listen I passed over this song.. but upon revisiting the song is great... maybe I was in a bad mood... reminds me of The Real Thing musically sounds like Dido(that is a good thing) and sorta becoming my favorite track so far

Yummy Gonna be a huge hit.... should have been the first single...part milkshake part slave for U but all Neptunes.. this beat is fiyah... Gwens describes it as Disco Tetris... that sounds about right... this is cotton candy that dissolves in your ears

Fluorescent this definitely has an 80's feel and could have easily been on the first album...but here it works too.. and even has a madonna reference... and features Gwen hooked on love..just the way I like her.

Breakin Up
this is my favorite beat on the album... I love the How sick is this?intro... so hot... a great anthem of breaking up by a cell phone... I know people will call this song simple and stupid... but this song is one of my favorites gets by on sass and a hot beat.. and that is enough

Don't Get it twisted the first 5 seconds of this song are perfect...the delivery is on...but the beat gets a little too chopped and screwed..but is still good... Very MIA of only loses points for being too scattered...

U started it for some reason the song has the feel of a christmas song..maybe it's what sounds like sleigh bells... the weakest of the Neptunes beats...probably my least favorite..but still better than most shit you'd hear from other artists...

Wonderful Life could be about original No Doubt lead singer who commited suicide... good way to end the album...

download: Early Winter
download: Yummy
download: Breakin Up

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