Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol recap... Andrew Lloyd Webber edition

Carly Smithson gave the most passionate performance of the night with her rendition of "Superstar"... she infused every note with grit and soul. The texture of her voice was on full display tonight and she had fun...
I lost count how many times I just voted for her.. but my guess would be close to 50 times...
anyway the rest of the night was hit or miss...

Syesha Mercado found the hottest red dress that American Idol has ever seen and rocked the hell out of it... She displayed sex appeal, sass, and charm throughout her performance of "One Rock n' Roll Too Many" I think she deserves to stay for this performance.
Jason Castro's version of "Memories" however left me feeling sad for the wrong reason. I lol'd during his performance and segment with Andrew Lloyd Webber...though he was pretty cute saying" I'm really nervous, it's kinda a popular song" he really was a victim of this week and his hotness could only hold me so much. Not terrible or anything it's just not anywhere near most contestants ability.
David Archuleta performed "Think of Me" and again failed to ignite any fire within me. However he hit most notes and you know he's safe. ALW seemed most concerned that David keep his eyes open. I feel like he is deep down gay and it must be really hard for him keeping that inside. I mean with Ryan and Jason around I'm sure he is probably having some big trouble.
Poor Brooke White forgot the lyrics and had to stop just as she began "You Must Love Me." It really sucks, she will probably be saying goodbye tomorrow night for that mistake. If that is the case I won't be shocked but I will be disappointed. The vocal flaws add texture and originality to Brooke's voice and I've become a fan.
David Cook gave the strongest performance from a male with "The Music of The Night." His rendition had Randy exclaiming "molten hot lava bomb!" His voice sounded great tonight and every power note was perfect.

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