Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Hard Candy".... Pharrell delivers.....Timbaland and Timberlake lather, rinse, and re-beat....

Today Madonna's latest hits shelves... go get a copy... The album is definitely built for the dance floor and has many enjoyable moments... the best of those coming from the Neptunes...

my current take on the songs:

- Candy Shop - This was my early favorite until the full album was leaked(more on that later.) The Neptunes's sound blends so well with Madonna's voice, unlike Timbalands production, this does not drown her out. Sticky and sweet indeed.

- 4 Minutes - I really like Madonna's parts on this but again it sounds like a Justin record that should be on his album not her lead single. The thing for me is out of each demo I heard of the song I liked both demos more than the official cut. listen here and here. The first Piano driven more slow jam style would have been great maybe a little more One in a Million/Pony style than this immediate retread bullshit. The second had more funk to it and could have been great if Timbaland went for that and less with marching band. I guess everyone else seems to love it though.

- Give It 2 Me - for me this is a circus. I enjoy it but maybe not my favorite thing on the album. A little Yummy-ish.

- Heartbeat - My favorite song on the album. The build up into the song is perfect and once the beat kicks in it's on. I would love to see a video for this song. For me this is Into The Groove pt. 2. and I love every second of it.

- Miles Away - I can think of like 4 songs that come to mind immediately hearing this but I can't hate it. I like it more, the more I hear it.

- She's Not Me - I like Madonna's delivery on this and the hand claps. The little breakdown is pretty fun. Oh and a whistle too!

- Incredible - The production on this is nuts and I love it. I think it's a testament to Madonna's talent that her voice is so fresh and great on this kind of sound.

- Beat Goes On - Disco all the way. I love this production of the song too. I would say this needs to be a single too and if you didn't already check out my earlier post and get the original version of Beat Goes On...

- Dance 2night - I know these sounds too well for Tim to pull a fast one on me. This is a variation on the same production he used in his own Give it Me on "Shock Value," and Sexy Back as well. The song asks," are you a one trick pony?" To that I'll say prove me wrong and soon Timbaland!

- Spanish Lesson - No Thank You! Production on point but lyrically you need to chill.

- Devil Wouldn't Recognize You - Timbaland I've heard, We Need A Resolution, My Love, Cry Me A River, and Apologize. Also, I liked them all more.

- Voices - This is the best of the Timbaland/Timberlake/Danja tracks. It's all working for me for once.

So what do you think about the album?

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