Wednesday, April 16, 2008

let's get to the point...

After listening to Mariah Carey's E=MC² 3 times in a row I decided to move forward on my itunes... and the next thing I definitely wanted to hear was my favorite rap/hip-hop album Miss E... So Addictive . That album is flawless in my opinion. Timbaland and Missy haven't had this much fun in forever and Tweet singing on most tracks is the cherry on top.
my favorites:
  • "Old School Joint" - One thing I love about Missy is how good she sounds singing too. Missy and Tweet's voices reflect well off this disco infused beat.
  • "4 My People"feat. EVE - Personally my favorite Missy track ever. This makes me want to dance every time. Missy opens exclaiming "Yall, I'm on FIREEE!," and that fire reaches full blaze when Eve kicks in the back door looking to party with her.
you can buy the album here

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