Sunday, April 13, 2008

My sugar is raw...

Madonna's Hard Candy comes out the 29th. I have heard some songs from the album, "4 Minutes," being my least favorite. It is not a Madonna song to me,it is a feature on a Justin song. I really want to love it, but I'm just not able to.However, "Candy Shop" has to be the best of what I've heard. There is just a sound that only Pharrell can give me and it is completely present here. The way Pharrell uses Madonna's name in the song is more pleasing than the "Madonna" and "Justin" shout outs throughout "4 Minutes." Also I think Pharrell is naturally cool, and maybe Tim and Justin want us to think they are really, really badly. Don't get me wrong I can love a Timbaland beat, just not liking the entire effect of "4 Minutes." Though I have to say I was thrilled to see it wasn't a charity cheese-fest of a song.
Check out Candy Shop here.

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