Monday, March 02, 2009

The Wire..

I just finished watching the final episode of The Wire. I am so glad that a series like this had a chance to share this real and touching story. The true life answer to the sugar sweet fantasies of Sex and The City. I have loved many t.v. shows for various reasons but none can touch the level of truth The Wire displays. I also do not know of any other show where I sincerely feel like every single episode is great and important to the overall story. Nothing is filler. I have posted one of my favorite scenes above. If you haven't seen The Wire I urge you to pick up season one immediately. The series shows us all the good and all the bad of the streets,ports,police,schools,government,and media in Baltimore, Maryland. The acting and writing are on another level. The language and violence on The Wire is so authentic that it makes network television less appealing. I feel sad knowing there are no new episodes for me to watch. Every character seemed to move the story forward and meant something. I can't wait to buy the series and re-watch it.

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