Monday, September 28, 2009

Ciara Recording Fourth Album Exclusively with The Dream and Tricky has spoken with Chrisopher "Tricky" Stewart and he confirms, " “We’re doing the whole project." Adding , “We’re pretty good into it at this point. We’re about 14 songs deep right now.” “This record obviously is gonna have tempo to it, but I think it’s gonna have even more substance than the last record,” Tricky even discloses some song titles,“I love ‘Speechless.’ I love this record called ‘Gifted.’ Those are two of my favorites. ‘Speechless’ is the record with her and Dream together.” Though Ciara released the criminally ignored(and one of my favorites of the year) Fantasy Ride, it seems the album might be out by years end “It’s a little up in the air, but there’s a chance that it might come this year. That was the goal, but at the same time, we didn’t want to rush anything. I think it’s looking more like a next year thing.”

Either way this album is going to be fire. I wish they had stuck with the initial idea of the 3 album concept for Fantasy Ride, but you know instead they pushed it back until no one bought the fucking thing. If you haven't yet, go pick up or download your copy. Ciara is a queen and I really think she deserves more respect than she receives.


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