Monday, September 28, 2009

Near Perfect

Mariah's new album, Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel, has officially leaked. Of course I'm completely addicted at this point. Mariah really shows off her vocals on this album. It's the perfect blend of old and new Mariah. I'm talking about Musicbox, Emotions era mixing with Mimi. The Dream and Tricky really allow Mariah and her voice to be center stage. They layer her vocals so Mariah is her own backup. Serving as her own backdrop vocally allows the album to be whimsical one moment and haunting the next.

Leading off with Betcha Gon Know Mariah recounts a lover cheating and her revenge on said lover. I think everything from production,vocals, and lyrics all work together to really set a mood for the story to play out. Here's hoping for a video! I hope this album has 5 videos, especially with gems like this sitting on the album.H.A.T.E. U. starts off like a dream sequence from Super Mario Brothers 3 for Nintendo. That is a great thing in my opinion. I really think this is signature The Dream and it's refreshing with Mariah belting it out over the knock of Devotion . There is a demo of the song with The Dream only and different lyrics. Both are great but I prefer Mimi. As a rule of thumb, if you give me a song to snap to, I will love it. Such is the case with Candy Bling, which is one of my favorite tracks. I love the layered vocals throughout, essentially Mariah is her own best backup singer. The throwback chill vibe of the song is perfect. Mimi has a flow that not many can touch and at times is this close to being a rap. I can't blame her for boasting, her vocals are flawless.

Probably the smartest choice(regarding single choice) her camp has made in years is releasing Ribbon as the 3rd single. Ribbon just sounds like the radio right now. It's different for her and this could be a big hit. I could see a weaker vocalist working with that song and being drowned out, but Mariah runs with it.Standing O sounds better with every listen. Another definite contender imo for single. This was a grower for me, but it didn't take long to have this on repeat. I love how the beat throbs like a heartbeat. Also loving the instant end a' la Make It Happen.

It's A Wrap
is Classic. This shit can not be touched. Seriously, the closest to 90's Mariah we've been given in years. It's a throwback, but it's modern. The Dream really put it down on this beat. I love when The Dream does Doo-Wop and he makes it Doo-Wop 2009. I love how she starts off with the popped bottle and into the whistle. I really hope to see a video for this. She sounds amazing. Other stand outs on the album are The Impossible which lets Mariah get her sexy on. Singing in her whisper range Mimi puts it down on the slow jam. It's like what Mariah would have sounded like if she went more R&B in the 90's. It's love. On the subtle and lovely Languishing, Mariah asks "Would you cry for me?" accompanied by snaps and piano. This interlude is the most honest and touching Mariah we hear on Memoirs and it's beautiful.

There are some generic Mariah songs in the mix here and there(Inseparable, Up Out My Face.) Been there, shook that off. Anyway you paint it Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel is a masterpiece. The album has continuity that most Pop/R&B albums of the last half of this decade have been lacking. She sounds great and I believe the voice is still there and we have our evidence on an album of ridiculously addictive mid-tempos that showcase her voice in a way we haven't heard. This is one of my favorite Mariah records. I've read a couple reviews and some critics and bloggers are not loving this like I am. I can see no reason, call me a lamb, but this album is great and IMO sums up where we are with popular music in 2009. You can call it future-throwback, but it's definitely classic.

Any Thoughts?

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