Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kettle Cooked Addicted To Res

I wanted to start a new feature on Kettle Cooked where I go more in-depth on some of my favorites. Since I have been listening to Res all week I wanted to start with this super talented and lesser known artist. Shareese Renée Ballard, better known as Res (pronounced /ˈriːs/ reese) was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You can't put Res in a box. She has an ability to transcend any genre and a point of view and consciousness that you don't hear in most current music today. As the case is when a women is too talented and crosses too many genres(Kelis, Erykah, Missy) the industry and radio don't know what box to put you in and listeners miss out. To date she has only one album out, the incredible debut, How I Do released in 2001. However, other songs and soundtrack cuts exists. Give her a listen, there is definitely a Res song for you.

Her biggest hit is probably They Say Vision which has embedding disabled but watch here!

and my personal favorite 700 Mile Situation

Res on Myspace

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