Friday, December 30, 2005

It's a hit...

as far as singles of the year for me...

1. We belong Together - Mariah Carey

It was hard for me to turn this off ever... because it was on constant rotation..
but it's at the top because I never got sick of it ever... and that makes it tight

2. One Thing - Amerie

damnit If this song didn't get played out because I wouldn't take it off repeat.
an instant favorite. Love at First listen

3. Oh - Ciara and Ludacris

smooth r&b perfection. Ludacris is the best guest rapper ever... hands down
just follow the instructions and turn it up and make the speakers bleed..

4. Here we go again - Trina and Kelly Rowland

damnit if it didn't get my singing along asap. I'm glad Trina got burned cause it made for a great song. That piano that hook... damn

5. Hung Up - Madonna

gay of light.

6. Since U been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

max martin is a genius... kelly is a vision

7. Signs - Snoop, Justin Timberlake, and Uncle Charlie

perfect song all the way ...extra points for being even more awesome in the car

8. Hollaback Girl - Gwenie Gwen Gwen

ok this song makes me want to kill someone now... but in it's prime I was right there with you!

9. Like You - Bow Wow and Ciara

dump her and be with me bow WOW

10. I should have cheated - Keyshia Cole

you should've... but he doesn't deserve your tight hair

11. Be without you - Mary J Blidge

no more drama my ass...

12 . Check on it - Beyonce

no kelly no michelle no problem?

13. Loose Control - Missy Elliot and Ciara

Missy is the best there is end of story she can't be beaten

14. Boyfriend - ashlee simpson

I don't want to like her... she needs her black hair back... song gets me everytime

15. Do Something - Britney Spears

she did and got preggers.. .but atleast she made this video before she got sperminated

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Miss Scarlet said...

Am so excited you have a blog! I'll link to you on mine (SVR)!