Thursday, December 29, 2005


List's are tight....

Best Albums of 2005....

1. Extraordinary Machine.... Fiona Apple

This album only renewed my faith in Fiona even more and helped me see why my favorite album(when the pawn...)of all time come from her and also my favorite song(never is a promise) of all time...

2. See You Next Tuesday .... Fannypack

The sassiest... hand clappiest... bestalbum of the year to dance to... r&b, hip hop, pop, cheerjams.... all here!
with line like "We rip shows in other continentsYou rob Mickey D's for condiments you shouldSend your man my complimentsYour pillowcase is where the condom went."
how can you deny them?

3. Da Glamorest Life...Trina

da baddest bitch is back! Better then ever too! Trina
knows what she wants, she lets youhit it from the back
anyway that you like to. That's my girl. Party anthems

4. The Naked Truth...Lil Kim

The Queen Bee came out with fists swinging. She was more focused than ever and the album is never filler. The lyrics were amazing,
but she was short on booty jams...

5. Confessions on a Dance floor... Madonna

A playlist for the faggiest party ever. back to back dance songs.
However I am an American Life fan and though this is a nice
return to her roots I think it should have been better. Love it
but it's not in my top Madonna albums list...

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